Why Sandwich Franchises Thrive:

The Success of the $20B Sandwich Industry

Why Sandwich Franchises Thrive: The Success of the $20 Billion Sandwich Industry  

An industry worth $20 billion is nothing to ignore, the U.S. loves sandwiches! Their broad appeal and variety of customizable options can make sandwiches so much more than a simple slice of turkey between two pieces of bread, and they can be much more than comfort food during a break at work. A sandwich can fill your customers’ stomach — and a franchise may be a great business opportunity for restaurant savvy investors looking to open their own sandwich shops. The simple operating platform and relatively small store footprint (typically around 1,600 square feet of leased space) make franchising with a premium quality sandwich chain even more attractive.

Things You Should Know

The sandwich industry is much more than a foot long. This wide-ranging, growing industry is estimated by IBISWorld to employ about 375,000 people across more than 60,000 businesses. This may seem like there’s stiff competition, but there are more opportunities than meet the eye. Technavio reports the industry’s growth will increase with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of more than 3.2%, and market share is anticipated to grow by nearly $11.7 billion between 2020 and 2025.


Why a Sandwich Franchise Can be Lucrative

Forbes calls it one of the easiest, affordable, and profitable business ventures for entrepreneurs, especially those getting started in business. There are a few reasons a sandwich franchise is attractive to both veteran restauranteurs and investors looking for a new business opportunity

Menus can be easily changed, updated, and adapted. The basics of a sandwich remain the same, but restaurants can get creative. Hot subs, cold cuts, veggie options, and more can be constantly switched out or kept the same, depending on what the consumers are… consuming. Sides other than bagged chips can be added to elevate a sandwich menu and make what is typically seen as a lunch option, into a hearty dinner stop. For example, Penn Station East Coast Subs has a core menu of hot, made-to-order grilled sub sandwiches and fresh-cut fries, and it also offers lighter options such as salads, cold deli classics, and sandwich wraps..

Sandwiches can be a healthier option for some diners. Fresh ingredients with good proteins and vegetables make a filling, healthy meal. With nutrition information easily accessible, including ingredients, oils, calories, and more, consumers are able to make healthier choices easier than ever. The bread and butter, so to speak, of sandwiches can include protein, vegetables, grains, and dairy, making up four of the five food groups in the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Dietary Guidelines for 2020-2025.

With sandwiches, there’s a greater taste variety beyond simply the typical burger or pizza. Sandwiches can be easily transformed into wraps and salads and can be personalized to be all meat or no meat – customization that appeals to a wider audience. Someone once said, “Life is like a sandwich: The more you add, the better it gets.” Sandwiches are as creative and unique as the consumer. It’s important to have a menu that reflects that.

Future of the Sandwich Industry

The sandwich industry is not going anywhere anytime soon. The rise of fast-casual concept continues to increase and prove a staple in American dining. People are living in an ever-busier world and crave healthy, filling, and delicious options to fit their lifestyles. Sandwiches can be seen as a comfort food, a lunch food, a dinner option, and a quicker choice for those who want to eat on-the-go.

Another report found the portable sandwich maker market is anticipated to grow more than 11% over the next 10 years. The market is being driven by population growth, more disposable incomes, and consumers wanting options within their time and financial budgets.

The future of the industry is also marked by technology. Consumers want the ability to order online. Fast casual and sandwich franchises can uniquely fill this technological hunger from the consumer. Franchises give owners the ability to have the backing of a big company that can implement the latest tech, all while keeping a local tab on the market.

Success with Penn Station

Penn Station East Coast Subs is a sandwich franchise with hundreds of locations across more than a dozen states. With fresh-squeezed lemonade and premium products grilled and baked to perfection, our craveable, award-winning sandwiches keep customers coming back for more. We have a varied menu that makes our food perfect for lunch or dinner. As the industry experiences continued growth, Penn Station is growing along with it. There has never been a better time to become a Penn Station franchisee. We’ve were named one of Franchise Business Review’s Top 7 Sandwich Franchises in 2021, Franchise Times Top 400 Franchises in 2020, and a Top 100 Training Program in 2021 by TrainingMag.com.

To get started with Penn Station, prospective franchisees need to meet the minimum financial requirements of $500,000 net worth and a minimum liquidity of $300,000. Each franchise group must select and/or recruit a qualified managing owner candidate, sometimes referred to as an “operating partner”, that will be responsible for day-to-day restaurant operations. The managing owner also attends the required four-week training in Cincinnati.

We have territories available throughout the Midwest from Nebraska to North Carolina and from Michigan to Mississippi.

If you’re ready to own your own location, contact us for more franchise information.





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